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Sam DeBord Real Estate ConsultingAre you looking for answers about the real estate industry? It’s a highly fragmented, decentralized, complex industry to do business within, but the potential rewards are great.

Brokerage technology, agent tools, MLS rules, association bureaucracy: understanding the landscape is necessary to succeed and create positive industry relations.

As a PwC management consultant in Silicon Valley, I helped businesses find the right strategy and technology to thrive. Since that time I’ve worked in the mortgage and real estate brokerage businesses, growing a sales team, brokerage franchise, and trade organization membership. I’m a strategic director for one of the country’s largest MLSs as well as a leader for local, state, and national REALTOR association initiatives. (Full list of industry involvement)

My recent consulting clients have ranged from brokerages to technology startups and hedge funds. I can help you speed your understanding of the industry and your access to the right strategy, information, and tools you need for success. Whether you’re a potential investor, a newer business trying to make inroads, or a brokerage/MLS looking for the right tools and systems to improve your efficiency, let’s have a conversation and see if there’s a fit.

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